Cloud Hosting


Self-managed dedicated web hosting servers with a powerful features can scale and grow as you need. Cloud servers are extremely powerful HP Blade Servers (BL460C) with the latest Intel Xeon CPUs and extremely fast RAM and networking.

Choose your Resources

Select MEMORY, STORAGE, CPU CORES as per your application requirement for your webserver.

Select your Location

Select your location form nine different locations from three regions.

Launch your Cloud Server

Deploy your server in less than one minute pinged and ready for your root access.

StartUp Cloud Packages

A Free BackUp of 10GB and 1 IP is available with Every Packages. Bandwidth is bundled with CPU Cores which is allocated as 1.5TB Outbound transfer per GB of RAM.




Per Month

  • 6144 MB Memory
  • 2 Core CPU
  • 50 GB SSD Disk
  • 3 TB Transfer
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Per Month

  • 12288 MB Memory
  • 4 Core CPU
  • 100 GB SSD Disk
  • 6 TB Transfer
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Per Month

  • 16384 MB Memory
  • 8 Core CPU
  • 200 GB SSD Disk
  • 12 TB Transfer
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Per Month

  • 24576 MB Memory
  • 12 Core CPU
  • 350 GB SSD Disk
  • 18 TB Transfer
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Cloud Hosting Questions and Answers

VPS is also working in cloud platform which is having the limitation for resources updation like RAM CPU or SSD Storage as it is configured to work in a lesser environment than our Cloud Hosting Configuration. In a short sense VPS is limited. Cloud Hosting is configured to provide powerful environment and dedicated resources for every server building in the platform, it is a hyperviser grid to provide much larger configuration. You can extend a single server with 32GB of Memory and 1000 GB of storage in a single instance as if you required. If you need more please contact us.
Yes! You can access the control tab in your account at any time and add/remove any component. You will be charged or credited a daily amount based on the change, pro-rated to your next normal billing cycle.
Inbound transfer is unmetered. If you plan using a lot of traffic between your servers on the same cloud location, we can provide you a free private LAN for free inter server traffic. We bundle 1.5TB outbound transfer with each GB of ram you buy. Additional traffic is 10c per GB. If you need high dedicated transit, talk to us about private uplinks.
Yes - we guarantee all resources which means they are reserved even if your machine is off. You can delete a server after taking a Snapshot, then scale your resource pool down to benefit from savings if you will not need the server for a while.
Yes, The Orange Hosting provides a 100% Uptime Guarantee on all our Hardware and on Network Connectivity. In any given month, if your server is of?ine due to a our unscheduled hardware failure, or an unscheduled failure of the dediserve network for more than 0.01% of the time (4 minutes), you may request a pro-rata credit for the down time. Specific exclusions exist where the dediserve network is working normally, but upstream issues, such as a Datacentre or Carrier failure or DDOS is impacting customer routes to the cloud.
We provide inclusive Backup storage space will all accounts, and you have full use of our Backup engine - which you can use to take an image of your server at any time, or schedule it to happen for you. Backup Engine can be used as backups, to rollback a server, or to clone or replicate a machine (and can even be converted to templates, as a 'master' server image for horizontal scaling). Backup Engine are a great tool, but they are no substitute for your own backup planning, and file / database level backups.
Absolutely - you can have as many IP4 and IP6 addresses as you can justify, and Reverse DNS is available as standard.
You can install a wide range of opertaing systems including linux, windows, cloud linux and much more..
No, you dont get it with servers, but you can order cPanel WHM or Plesk control panel licenses if you required.

Addon Licenses

  • cPanel WHM

    cPanel with WHM / Web Host Manager. The world's Leading Control Panel for Shared Hosting Pricing is per server, no limits on domains / sites. ₹999 INR Per Month


    Add a plesk license to a server in your account.Unlimited Domains VM License ₹949 INR Per Month


    License your Windows 2003, 2008 or 2012 License covers Web or Standard ₹1999 INR Per Month

    Microsoft SQL

    Choose from Microsoft SQL Web Edition, Workgroup Edition or Standard Edition.Supports SQL 2008 and 2012 ₹2199 INR Per Month

Server Locations


Flexible pricing with SSD only. Choose your required configuration, scalable and affordable to our requirements. No fixed specifications and scale any time on demand.

CPU Cores Intel Xeon E5-2660 per Core ₹500 INR Per Month
RAM Enterprise ECC RAM per 1024MB Addon ₹1100 INR Per Month
SSD Drive Redundant, Resilient, SSD Per 10GB Addon ₹350 INR Per Month
BACKUP Network Attached Storage (Backup) per 10GB Addon ₹100 INR Per Month
IP Addresses IPv4 Addresses Per IP Address ₹350 INR Per Month


Flexible Realiable cloud servers with 24/7 support. Start your scaled servers as your requirements and need.

Powerful Infrastructure

Powerful HP Blade servers only the latest and greatest Intel Xeon Processors and Enterprise Flash cached SSD Arrays.

Guranteed Resources

Providing with guaranteed resources of your servers allocated for you.

SSD Storages

SSD (Solid State Drive) storage facility making your I/O operations more faster.

Simple and Easy Control Panel

Easy to manage your servers makes total flexible for your management and scalability.

Upgrade / Downgrade Anytime

Total control in your hand for managing your cost effective deployment for resources for upgrade and downgrade for your servers.

Easy Backup Options Available

Easy backup options available for creating total image backup of your servers and add on NAS backup's for secured data restore's.